First in LED Surgical Headlight Innovation and Service


    “I use the Cyclops XLT-125 in every surgery and like it because it is portable and it is bright plus it is very lightweight.”

    Cardiovascular Surgeon
    Takaaki Suzuki, MD


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    “Buying an Enova headlight is kind of like buying an iPhone; they're affordable and have much to offer.”

    Plastic Surgeon and Academic Physician
    David Kahn, MD


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    “Enova surgical headlights are so powerful and lightweight they become part of your own skin.”

    Trauma and Emergency Surgeon
    John Chovanes, MD


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    “This headlight is my workhorse. It is the single most used instrument in my practice.”

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
    Christian Rouleau, DMD, MD


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E_iconREVNewest LED Headlight

Enova's Newest Headlight!


HistoryIcon10 Years of Enovation

See the Evolution of LED Surgical Headlights

Enova Illumination is first in LED surgical headlight innovation and service. |

Surgeons world-wide use Enova headlights in their operating rooms.

Since 2005, Enova® Illumination stands alone as the first LED surgical headlight designer and manufacturer in the industry. Our headlights can be found in the best clinics, hospitals, universities and military bases around the world. And, because Enova® headlights are designed for surgeons, by surgeons, we remain on the forefront of innovation to provide the brightest, lightest, and most dependable surgical headlights available.


New Cyclops XLT-225 - Brightest LED Surgical Headlight in the World


New Digital Battery Packs Fit in Surgical Scrubs Pocket


So Lightweight Some Surgeons Forget They’ve Got Them On


New Enova Illumination-Novocam Medical Innovations Joint Venture Brings High Definition Video Quality into the Surgical Suite

Recognizing the advantages high definition, quality video provides physicians—and especially surgeons—brought Enova Illumination’s resident Roger Heegaard together with Lars Kåhre, CEO of Novocam Medical Innovations. That same recognition is also the basis for their new joint venture that provides the world’s most powerful battery-operated LED headlight with high-quality point-of-view video recording with an integrated cloud platform for storing and sharing.

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Enova Illuminuation Recognized for Cyclops XLT-225 LED Surgical Headlight

light - 3
Enova Illumination was awarded the third place Lighting award in Surgical Products’ annual Excellence in Surgical Products Awards for its newest LED Surgical Headlight, the Cyclops XLT-225. Our headlight was featured in the November-December 2015 issue of Surgical Products article entitled, Shining a Light on OR Demands. Congratulations to first place winner Pare Surgical, for its NOVA Surgical Light Source, which is a disposable handheld surgical light with 3-D LED illumination for use in small incision surgery, and second place winner Steris, for its HarmonyAIR M-Series Surgical Lighting System, which uses LED technology in overhead surgical lighting.

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Enova Illumination President Roger Heegaard Describes How LED Surgical Headlights are the New Standard in the OR

Second Grand Prize Sweepstakes Winner Chosen

We’ve selected a second Grand Prize Sweepstakes Winner and will draw one final name before the month ends. November’s winner is Dr. Charles Ledonio, who is the Director of Spine Research in the Department of Orhopaedic Surgery at the University of Minnesota. As a researcher, Dr. Ledonio provides us with a slightly different perspective on medicine; one that is equally fascinating.

He first saw Enova Illumination’s LED headlights at a North American Spine Society Meeting in 2013 and liked the XLT-125 headlight’s technology and the fact that Enova is based in Minnesota.

“In spine surgery we must work on both sides of the patient,” said Dr. Ledonio. “I’m impressed with the portability of the XLT-125 LED headlight. It provides optimal illumination in the surgical suite.”

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