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| Cyclops XLT-225 Coaxial LED Surgical Headlight |

It’s true. The Cyclops XLT-225 is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight.

Bigger is better when it comes to the power packed into Enova’s new Cyclops XLT-225. This LED surgical headlight has the adjustability and coaxial features of the Cyclops XLT-125, the brightness and light purity of the Iris D-200, and the dependability and solid construction you’ve come to expect with all Enova headlights. Designed for deep-cavity surgery, the XLT-225 has 225,000 lux to illuminate even the deepest surgical cavity with precision and focus.

Its adjustable aperture ranges from 2” to 5”/5.08cm to 12.7cm in diameter for exact spot size. Its coaxial design allows for adjustment to your individual height and angle of view requirements, and easy to use with or without loupes. At 11 ounces/312gm, the XLT-225 is similar to the D-200 in weight and balance for overall comfort. And, the extra thick replaceable foam headband liner makes the XLT-225 comfortable to wear during long surgeries.

Enova’s Cyclops XLT-225 is the Brightest LED Surgical Headlight in the World

Enova recommends the Enova XLT-225 for physicians performing deep cavity procedures for:

  • Cardio

  • Cardio-Thoracic

  • Spine

  • Ortho Trauma

  • Orthopedic

  • Transplant

  • Neuro

  • Urology

  • General

The Cyclops XLT-225 is available in the Standard Package or Deluxe Package.

Simple Tabs
System Packages

  • enhances your performance
  • illuminates the deepest surgical cavities
  • true tissue rendition
  • consistently bright, no light degradation
  • lights working distance from 10" to 20"
  • provides complete mobility and freedom of movement
  • comfort during and after surgery, reduces eye fatigue, headlight headache
  • long lasting battery life reduces down time
  • LED lamp lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • uses 90% less energy than traditional fiber optic options
  • 50% cost savings over fiber optic options
  • perfectly balanced

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