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PP2_PP4NEW! PP2 and PP4 Digital Battery Packs 
The PP2 contains two lithium-ion battery cells and is 24 percent smaller than Enova’s B2X digital battery pack. The PP4 contains four lithium-ion battery cells and is 17 percent smaller than Enova’s B4X. Both PP models easily fit into a surgical scrubs pocket.

PP2 - Item #80200-001; weight 7 oz (200 gm)
PP4 - Item #80201-001; weight 9 oz (260 gm)

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B2X-and-B4X-Digital-Battery-PacksB4X Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Enova Illumination offers rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in 4-cell capacity. This battery pack uses digital controls and light intensity is adjustable from 30% to 100%. The battery capacity indicator and the low battery indicator are both visual and audible. 

B4X - Item #70029-002; weight 9 oz (260 gm)

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Battery Cables
Battery cables connect the battery pack to the LED headlight and are included in all LED headlight systems – they can be ordered separately too.  They are about 3’ or 1 meter long and made of plastic coated copper (not fiber optic) with connections on either end. 

Battery cables take the most abuse of any component of the headlight system – take care when connecting or disconnecting them and they will last for years.

Enova makes 4 styles of battery cables based on headlight and battery models per table and photos below:

  Item # Description Cable color Tab color Headlight Battery Notes
ULCable 80042-001 UL Battery Cable Black NA

Halo UL, D-100, D-200, S-50, S-100,and XLT-125 v.1

B2X, B4X Included with ALL Enova headlights systems 2008 to April 2015
SnapCableBlack 80300-001 XLT-125 v.1 Battery Cable Black Blue XLT-125, v.1 PP2, PP4 Allows XLT-125, v.1 and S-100 headlights to be used with new PP2, PP4 battery packs
TwistCableBlackGreen_brightened 80301-001 XLT-125 v.2 Battery Cable Black Green XLT-125, v.2 PP2, PP4 Included with XLT-125, v.2 headlights since April 2015
TwistCableGrayOrange_brightened 80302-001 XLT-225 Battery Cable Gray Orange XLT-225 PP2, PP4 Included with XLT-225 headlights.  Do NOT use with XLT-125

DockingStations_BrightenedTwo-Bay Battery Charger

The Two-Bay Battery Charger is ideal for charging multiple Enova PP2 or PP4 battery packs. These chargers can be connected together to charge two, four, six or more battery packs at one time. Great option for hospitals.

Two-Bay Battery Charger 
Item # 80100-001

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PPCharger_BrightenedPP2/PP4 Battery Charger

Enova Illumination’s Battery Charger may only be used with the PP2 and PP4 battery packs. This charger will recharge a battery pack in less than 4 hours and supports both 110v and 240v power outlets. The charger automatically adjusts voltage for international standards, which makes it very compatible for mission work and military applications.

PP2/PP4 Battery Charger 
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BAKchargerB2X/B4X Battery Charger

This battery charger may only be used with Enova's B2X and B4X battery packs. It will recharge a battery pack in less than four hours and supports both 110v and 240v power outlets. The carger automatically adjusts voltage for international standards, which makes it compatible for mission trip work and military applications.

B2X/B4X Battery Charger  
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PPMobileCharger_BrightenedPP Mobile Charger

Enova's PP Mobile Charger is an economical charger that is great to have as a spare or backup charger.

PP Mobile Charger 
Item # 80102-001   Reorder Online

Belt_BrightenedBattery Belt

This sturdy battery belt is included with all Enova headlight systems. Simply attach the battery pack to belt to disburse weight evenly and to allow easy access to the battery pack. May be ordered individually.

Battery Belt
Item #80500-001    Reorder Online



Color Temperature Filter Kit

Color temperature filters can be used with the Cyclops XLT-125 headlight system. The XLT-125 headlight illumination color temperature is 6100 degrees Kelvin and each filter in this kit reduces color temperature by 500 degrees Kelvin. Lower color temperatures appear more "yellowish" or similar to Halogen illumination. Certain types of anatomy become more visible at different color temperatures. We suggest you try all filters to see which performs best. The kit includes one (1) filter of each: 5500, 5000, 4500, 4000 and 3500 degrees Kelvin.

Color Temperature Filter Kit
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Headband Replacement Pads

Each Enova Illumination headband is constructed of rigid plastic to make it durable. But close to your head are double-padded comfort pads. We recommend they be replaced every 3 to 6 months to maintain the comfort expected with the Enova Illumination surgical headlights.

Headband Replacement Pads 
Item # 80400-001    Reorder Online


BlackSoftCaseCyclops XLT-125 Soft-Sided Case

When you purchase the Cyclops XLT-125 headlight system, it will arrive in this soft-sided case. These cases are durable and long-lasting to protect your XLT-125 headlight system. Available individually too.

Cyclops XLT-125 Soft-Sided Case
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BlackHardCaseHard-Sided Protective Case

This Hard-Sided Protective Case is available to use with the Cyclops XLT-125 headlight system. Built to be strong, it will protect your Cyclops XLT-125 headlight wherever you take it.

Hard-Sided Protective Case
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BlueSoftCase_brightenedXL Soft-Sided Case

This soft-sided case is specifically designed to be used with the Cyclops XLT-225. It is durable and long-lasting to protect your XLT-225 headlight system during transport. It is included with the Cyclops XLT-225 headlight systems. Can be ordered individually.

XL Soft-Sided Case for Cyclops XLT-225
Item #80110-001    Reorder Online


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