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How Enova Illumination LED Surgical Headlights Stack Up to Other LED Headlights

  Enova Illumination Other LED Headlights
Brightest Light 225,000 lux at 14" Closest is 170,000 lux at 12"
Headlamp Materials Aluminum Most are plastic
Light Source LED refractive technology LED
Color Temperature 6100º Kelvin 6000º - 6500º Kelvin
Shape of Field Circular Circle or Soft Square
Adjustable Aperature Yes Most Yes
Spot Size at 14" 2" - 5" Ranges from 1" to 6"
Headband Materials Adjustable firm plastic
with dual comfort pads
Open cell foam on plastic,
open cell foam, clip-on
Headlight Warranty 5 Years Most are 1 Year
Power Source Digital Lithium-ion Battery Packs Lithium-ion Batteries
Battery Life 4 to 24 hours 4 to 7 hours
Product Focus Only LED Surgical Headlights Most are diversified
Evaluation Terms No risk, no obligation, no charge Require payment
Longevity in LED Market Since 2005 2007 or later
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