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Enova Illumination is Celebrating 10 Years of Enovation


Not that long ago, no one heard of LED headlights in the surgical suite. Enova introduced them in 2005 and continues to “enovate” the technology.

Enova Illumination stands alone as the first LED surgical headlight designer and manufacturer in the industry. Our headlights can be found in the best clinics, hospitals, universities and military bases including Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, University of California at Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Princeton Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and Langley Air Force Base to name a few.

Since 2005, Enova has been innovating and mastering LED illumination for a variety of surgical practices from superficial to deep cavity surgeries and has developed headlights for all surgical disciplines and procedures. Our journey into LED surgical headlights began long before such a product existed in the marketplace.


2003: The Beginning

In 2003, Dr. Sushil Gupta was performing surgery when his gown caught fire from the heat of a fiber optic cord. Then the Chairman of Surgery at Guthrie Clinic, Dr. Gupta was inspired to develop a new LED portable technology—one that would remove the restraint and restriction of fiber optic surgical headlight systems, reduce the pain caused to the neck and back from heavy fiber optic cords, and improve the light degradation and color associated with Xenon and Halogen light systems.

Dr. Gupta, also a former Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, approached Enova Medical Technologies (Enova Illumination spun off of Enova Medical Technologies in 2011)and began working with its group of medical technology engineers.

All Enova LED surgical headlights have attributes required by the best surgeons.
  • FDA-registered and patent protected design
  • Brightest LED surgical headlights on the market
  • Pure white light, 6100° Kelvin for excellent tissue color rendition
  • Durable all aluminum headlamp and rigid plastic headband
  • Very lightweight, perfectly balanced on head, double padded headband, fully adjustable
  • Longest battery life available
  • Cost-effective, energy-saving

2005 - 2006: Halo Series Launched

In 2005, this team launched the surgical headlight industry’s first LED headlight called the Halo 5000, which featured two LEDs and emitted 50,000 lux. On the heels of the Halo 5000, the Halo 6000 (shown to the left) was launched in 2006. It featured two LEDs and emitted 60,000 lux. The battery pack for the Halo Series was rechargeable and was attached directly to the head band, making it a “free-style” headlight without any cords . Both models weighed 11 ounces (17 ounces with the batteries).

The Halo Series was our entry into the LED surgical headlight industry and Enova engineers continued to evolve Enova LED surgical headlight design based on surgeon feedback and LED technological advancements. 

Launched 2006. Enova’s Halo 6000 featured two LEDs and emitted 60,000 lux.

2007 - 2009: IRIS Series Launched


In 2007, Enova introduced the S-50, which was its first LED surgical headlight in the IRIS Series. Our most economical headlight, the S-50 featured one LED and emitted 50,000 lux. The second in this series was the IRIS S-100, which became very popular among surgeons. Introduced in 2008, it featured one LED and provided adjustable illumination from 30,000 to 100,000 lux. The IRIS D-200 and third in the IRIS Series, featured two LEDs and emitted 200,000 lux. It had been the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight until 2015, when Enova introduced its newest and brightest LED surgical headlight. 

With the IRIS Series, Enova also introduced new digital battery packs: B2X and B4X. The B2X contains two lithium-ion battery cells and weighs 7 ounces and the B4X contains four lithium-ion battery cells and weighs 9 ounces. Light intensity is controlled from 100% to 30% using digital arrows on the battery pack and a battery life indicator offers both visual and audible signals when the battery life is low. Enova designed the B2X and B4X battery packs to be comfortably worn on a belt around the surgeon’s waist, thereby removing any additional weight on his/her head.  

B2X-and-B4X-Digital-Battery-Packs New digital battery packs were introduced with the IRIS Series and are worn on a belt around the surgeon’s waist to remove unneeded weight from the headlight.
Launched 2007.
Enova’s IRIS S-50 featured one LED and emitted 50,000 lux.
Launched 2008. Enova’s IRIS S-100 features one LED and emitts 100,000 lux.
Launched 2009. Enova’s IRIS D-200 features two LED and emits 200,000 lux.   


2012 - 2015: Cyclops Series Launched

 EnovaXLT125+Lens   In 2012, Enova introduced its first coaxial LED surgical headlight—and the market’s brightest—with the launch of the Cyclops XLT-125. Never before had an LED surgical headlight manufacturer come out with a coaxial LED headlight this lightweight, bright and flexible. It emits 125,000+ lux, weighs only 7 ounces, has an adjustable aperture ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches in diameter, and allows for customized illumination with a set of lenses and filters.

In 2015, the same year that Enova Illumination is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Enova engineers launch its most powerful LED surgical headlight ever. The Cyclops XLT-225 has the coaxial features of the Cyclops XLT-125 and the brightness and light purity of the IRIS D-200. It emits 225,000 lux, weighs only 11 ounces, has an adjustable aperture for exact spot size, and coaxial design to allow for adjustment to individual height and angle of view requirements, with or without loupes.

New digital battery packs have also been introduced in 2015: the PP2 and PP4. The PP2 contains two lithium-ion battery cells and is 24 percent smaller than Enova’s B2X digital battery pack. The PP4 contains four lithium-ion battery cells and is 17 percent smaller than Enova’s B4X. Both PP models easily fit into a surgical scrubs pocket.

PP2&PP4 Enova’s newest digital battery packs are the PP2 and PP4. They are as powerful as the B2X and B4X, but slimmer and smaller and easily fit into a surgical scrubs pocket or on a belt.
Launched 2012. Enova’s CYCLOPS XLT-125 features one LED and emits 125,000 lux.  
Launched 2015. Enova’s CYCLOPS XLT-225 features three LEDs and emits 225,000 lux.  
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