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| Enova’s Iris D-200 LED Surgical Headlight |

At 200,000 lux, the Iris D-200 is one of Enova’s brightest LED surgical headlights.

With over 200,000 lux illumination, the Iris D-200 is designed for deep-cavity surgery.  It is designed to be perfectly balanced for overall comfort. Surgeons have complete mobility in the surgical suite and are no longer tethered to a fiber optic light source. The D-200 LED surgical headlight illuminates even the deepest surgical cavity with precisely, focused pure white light at 6100 degrees Kelvin.

The Iris D-200 can be used with Enova Illumination BX4 digital battery pack. Battery life with the B4X pack ranges from 4 to 12 hours.

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System Packages

  • enhances your performance
  • illuminates the deepest surgical cavities
  • true tissue rendition
  • consistently bright, no light degradation
  • lights working distance from 10" to 20"
  • provides complete mobility and freedom of movement
  • comfort during and after surgery, reduces eye fatigue, headlight headache
  • long lasting battery life reduces down time
  • LED lamp lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • uses 90% less energy than traditional fiber optic options
  • 50% cost savings over fiber optic options
  • perfectly balanced
  • .

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Enhance Your Performance
with the Iris D-200

Enova recommends the Iris D-200 for physicians performing deep cavity procedures such as:

  • cardio
  • cardio-thoracic
  • neuro
  • orthopedic
  • spine
  • urological
  • other surgeries 


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Enova no longer manufactures the Iris D-200. Our technical support is available for any questions or issues related to this headlight.

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