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Surgical History Trivia Contest Entry Form

Previous Questions and Answers:

October's Question: Brightness can be measured in Lumen, Lux and Foot Candle. 

September's Question: Illumination from LED chips will not degrade with time. True. Light quality and intensity will remain constant without any degradation.  

August's Question: Who discovered chloroform? James Young Simpson discovered chloroform and John Snow, physician to Queen Victoria, pioneered it

July's Question: Enova Illumination was the first manufacturer to introduce LED surgical headlights to the market. True.

June's Question: Who is considered the “father” of modern scientific surgery? John Hunter

May's Question: Surgical scrubs are green or blue because these colors are easier on a surgeon’s eyes. True. Scrubs used to be white until the early 20th century.

April's Question: Enova LED surgical headlights have been used in the television series Bones. True.

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