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Enova Illumination offers four programs to help physicians evaluate, purchase and borrow surgical headlights.


Enova Illumination offers four unique programs to help physicians evaluate, purchase and borrow our surgical headlights. We offer a no-risk evaluation program. Enova is also proud to offer discounted prices on Enova headlights to anyone trading in an existing LED headlight—of any brand,—to offer discounted prices to residents, and to provide LED surgical headlights for mission trips.


Enova No-Risk Evaluation Program

Enova Illumination knows that how surgeons choose surgical headlights is as varied as their personalities. Our goal is to ensure superior surgical outcomes when using our headlights. That’s why surgeons may evaluate Enova LED surgical headlights for up to 30 days without risk or obligation. We offer two evaluation options: one for hospitals and one for private practice clinics. Available in U.S. and Canada only. Learn more.


Enova Trade-In Program

Owners of any LED surgical headlight system—Enova Halo, Enova Iris, or any brand of LED surgical headlight model—may trade it in for a new Enova model at a deeply discounted price. Save over $825! Learn more.


Enova Residents Program

Our Resident's Program makes Enova headlights more affordable when new doctors face financial challenges. Residents who in their residency or who have recently graduated may purchase new or used Enova LED surgical headlight systems in excellent condition for up to 40% off list prices. Learn more.


Enova Mission Program

Enova Illumination supports medical mission work around the world. Hundreds of doctors and dentists have used our LED surgical headlights to perform surgeries in rural and remote communities throughout Central and South America, Asia and Africa. Learn more.

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